Transfer News LIVE, May 23: Real Madrid have two new targets, Mbappe makes first demand to PSG

Even Real Madrid and Liverpool, who have the 2021/22 Champions League final still to come on Saturday, are already plotting signings as well, while Paris Saint-Germain are already listening to Kylian Mbappe’s transfer market demands, after the forward was given more control as a result of his blockbuster contract renewal.

There is a lot happening in the transfer market, then, and we’ll be covering it all right here in this live blog over the course of this Monday, May 23 2022.

Transfer Market LIVE: Rumours and Breaking News on May 23

Over the course of the summer, we’ll use this space to bring you the latest transfer news as and when it happens.

If there is a confirmed deal or a contract renewal, we’ll bring you the details here and explain who is going where or staying where.

If there is an interesting transfer market rumour, we’ll bring that to you as well and break down how likely or not it is to actually come to fruition.

We won’t just be covering the Spanish teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, as we’ll also have transfer news for the Premier League giants like Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool, in addition to the teams of Serie A, Ligue 1, the Bundesliga and beyond.

So, follow along with us this Monday May 23 as we take a look at the transfer business that is already taking place or that is being planned in what is the first day since the end of most of Europe’s domestic leagues.

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