Benzema opens up on problem he had with Mourinho at Real Madrid

Real Madrid star player, Karim Benzema, has spoken about the problem he once had with manager Jose Mourinho at Santiago Bernabeu.

Following a successful season with Real Madrid, Benzema has taken stock and looked back on his career so far.

The France international also elaborated on his early days at Real Madrid and the difficulties he faced during the early stage of his career in Spain.

“I play by instinct, I am an instinctive player and whatever comes into my head I do it on the pitch,” Benzema told Onze Mondial.

“I never say to myself ‘I am going to play against this defender, I have to do this or that’.

“My first season, the first six months, were very difficult, as I was alone and I didn’t speak the language so everything was complicated.”

He added, “I had arrived in a new world, with a new team, a different type of football. Luckily I didn’t give up.

“I remember I had a little problem with Jose Mourinho at one point.

“We met at the hotel and we had a conversation the day before a match against Real Mallorca.

“I was not supposed to play the game and, as we were arguing, I told him ‘Tomorrow you start me and I will score and I will make you win the game’. The next day I scored and we won 1-0.”

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